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Wedding December 2014


The Egyptian Theatre is DeKalb County’s most unique wedding venue and one of a kind. With over 85 years of history, it is the perfect setting for your special day with family and friends.

Outside, our marquee announces to the world your special day. As guests pass underneath through the glass doors into the main lobby, they find the original mosaic multicolored tiled floor underfoot and the towering ceiling some 40 feet above. Eight towering ecru-colored pillars with adorned cornices of golden lotus blossoms and palm leaves decorate the plaster walls where your friends and family will join you on your special day. This stately hall is quietly elegant and is the perfect location to be surrounded by family and friends as you begin your life as a married couple .

The Egyptian Theatre is proud to be an LGBT friendly venue.


Up to 100 guests can be seated in the lobby of the theatre. The guests are seated on the tile floor and the wedding party can either be on the landing of the double staircase or underneath the chandelier.  The lobby can also be used for receptions seating 80-100 people depending on the set-up.

Up to 1,400 guests can be seated in the theatre.  The wedding party can be in front of the stage or on the stage itself.

Up to 150 guests can be seated on the stage for a wedding reception.  The stage provides a lot of flexibility for decorating, set-up, and lighting to make your reception unique and memorable.

Included Amenities:
Day access to venue
Flexible scheduling
Wedding party rooms with vanity mirrors and private bathrooms
Excellent photo opportunities
House sound system
Portable sound system
Dynamic lighting system
Wireless and wired microphones
Marquee to welcome your guests
Free parking downtown DeKalb
Wi-Fi access throughout building

Please contact the theatre to set-up a tour of the space and to discuss how we can help you with your special day.



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