April 9, 2019

Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight: Mary McGinn

I was born in the Great State of Texas, 4th of 8 children, more years ago than I’ll willingly admit to.  In my day job, I work at NIU teaching cadaver-based human anatomy.  I’m a terrible dancer, but a good cook.

I fell in love with the Egyptian Theatre from my first visit nearly 20 years ago.  It was the day after Thanksgiving, the kids had no school and I had no plans.  My husband, Vince, saw that the Egyptian was showing a free movie.  We took Julie and Nate.  They had popcorn, candy and soda for lunch—a real treat for them—and talked about it for days afterwards.   We were all in awe of the statues and the murals and the blinking lights overhead.  Over the years, we’ve seen movies like Gone With the Wind and Finding Nemo, and every Christmas we’d watch the Nutcracker ballet. 

I love being part of the growth of the Theatre.  The Egyptian is expanding its programs—and bathrooms!—without sacrificing the integrity of its original design.  When I volunteer, I’m always excited to meet people who have never seen the Theatre before and to try and make them feel welcomed.  When I die, I plan to haunt the Egyptian for at least 50 years before I move on to my final reward, most likely in concessions.   Who-ooo-ooo wants popcorn?