December 8, 2023

Video: Spartan TV Junior talks with Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys

The allure of music lies not just in its melodies but in the tales woven within each note. Recently, the bright minds of Spartan TV Junior— 5th graders: Evie Lunt, Faith Poynter, Evy Bingle, and Calista Holtz—dove into the world of Richard Sterban, the renowned bass singer of the Oak Ridge Boys.

Facilitated by the Egyptian Theatre, this interview was an exclusive glimpse into Sterban’s musical journey. As a collaborative effort, the Egyptian played a pivotal role in coordinating this meeting of generations—bridging the gap between legendary musicians and the aspiring young minds of the Sycamore School District.

Sterban regaled the students with anecdotes from his time performing with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, to his journey of joining the Oak Ridge Boys. His stories were not just about music; they were tales of dedication, friendship, and passion—a testament to the timeless power of song.

A highlight of the conversation was Sterban’s anticipation for the Oak Ridge Boys’ upcoming December 17th performance at the Egyptian Theatre. 

The collaboration between the Egyptian Theatre and Spartan TV Junior showcased the intersection of education, arts, and community involvement. This unique opportunity not only enriched the students’ understanding of music but also highlighted the Egyptian Theatre’s commitment to nurturing artistic endeavors among the youth.

Be part of this musical journey—mark your calendars for December 17th at the Egyptian Theatre. Experience the timeless melodies and harmonies of the Oak Ridge Boys, thanks to the collaborative efforts between the Egyptian Theatre and Sycamore School District’s enthusiastic young interviewers.