June 23, 2011

The Seats Are Out!

Wow!  The seats are all removed from the floor!  An amazing amount of work has been completed in the past week and a half.  We could not have done any of this work without the tremendous help from our volunteers.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who have gone above the call of duty to help with the removal of the seats.  Here are a few pictures from the main floor showing the floor bare of seats.

The lower set of pictures in this post are from the plaster work that took place today.  They were working on the top of a column in the main lobby removing loose plaster.  There was so much damaged plaster in this area that they had to remove the plaster down to the metal lath that the plaster sits on.  You can even see the brick wall behind the metal lath in the one picture.  It is so exciting to see the progress with the plaster repairs.  Fixing the damaged plaster in the lobby is long overdue and will be fantastic to have completed.