August 23, 2011

The New Seats Have Arrived!

What an exciting day, the new theatre seats have arrived.  The rain and storms didn’t slow the process down much.  400 boxes of seat parts were unloaded from semi number one today on to the stage.  There are two more semi’s that will arrive over the next week with more boxes of seats.  Below are some pictures of the seats arriving today and the huge stack of boxes on stage.

Take a look at the two photos with chalk lines drawn on the floor.  The install crew measured out every row and seat and marked their exact locations on the floor with chalk.  It was amazing to watch their process of finding the exact locations and creating perfect arcs for the new rows.

Not only did they unload an entire semi full of boxes today but they started installing the new seat legs on the main floor in the center section.  They had nearly all the legs installed in the center section by the end of the day.  It is almost depressing to see how fast the new seats are being installed considering how much work it was to remove the old seats.

Lastly there is a picture of one of the brand new decorative end caps that go on the end of the aisles.  This end cap is identical to the historic end cap that was on the original seats installed in 1929.  We are very proud that we are able to have new seats installed and continue to protect the historical integrity of the theatre.  Stay tuned over the next week to follow the fast progress of the new seat install!