July 7, 2011

So Much Going On, Hard to Keep Up

There has been so much progress this week that it has been hard to keep up with.  First a quick update on the sound system replacement project.  The first two pictures below show the removal of some of the under balcony speakers.  We are starting to remove the old equipment to make way for the new equipment to be installed later this summer.

The rest of the pictures in this update are some quick shots of the progress in the lobby areas with the plaster and painting project.  The plaster repairs are nearing completion and significant painting is underway.  Most of the plaster repair spots have been primed this week.  The decorative painter is starting to make her way around the lobby completing the different areas.

Below is a picture looking at the concession stand.  The entire wall there has the new base coat of paint on it.  The next step is for the glazing to go on which gives it the decorative look.  You can see the glazing going on the wall above the exit doors in the picture below.  The entire mezzanine ceiling is getting a fresh coat of paint and what a difference it makes!

Stay tuned for many more updates as all of these projects continue.