June 15, 2011

Second Day of Seat Sales

Another busy day of removing seats and selling them to the public.  A number of rows of seats in the balcony were removed and headed off to a Dinner Theatre in Oregon, IL.  Over 150 seats left the theatre today.  You only have three days left to get to the theatre and purchase these historic seats.  We are keeping a few seats at the theatre for our archives but the rest have to go. 

A few people have asked what we are going to do if there are any seats left after the last sale day on Saturday.  We will keep a few around in case anyone else wants to still purchase a seat.  Any other seats though have to leave the building to make room for the new seats.  There is a lot of prep work that has to occur before the new seats get installed.  So the remaining seats that we can’t keep here will get split into a metal scrap pile and the rest of the wood and fabric pieces will have to go to the landfill.  We really want to get all of these seats into good homes in the community.  So make sure you stop by yet this week to get your piece of history!