June 22, 2011

Seat Removal Near The End

The seating removal is nearing the end.  Only a few rows remain on the main floor on house left.  We continue to get phone calls and emails from people looking to purchase the historic seats.  That’s fantastic; keep it up!  We want as many of the historic seats as possible to go to good homes.  So keep contacting the theatre for the historic seats and we’ll keep making arrangements for you to stop by to purchase your piece of history.

The plaster and paint work in the lobby continues to move along quickly.  Although there is still about a month of work left to do.  In the pictures below you can see some of the work that was occurring on Tuesday.  Including an access hole that was created in the ceiling at the top of the stairs leading to the mezzanine.  The architect for the lobby plaster/paint project wanted to take the opportunity while repairs were being made to open up a small portion of the ceiling to view the space between the plaster ceiling and the roof.  This was done to check for any continued water penetration that would damage the plaster as well as researching the options of additional insulation in that space above the lobby.