June 18, 2011

Sales & Seat Removal Continued Friday

What a long exciting and exhaustive week it has been.  The seat sales of continued to be busy every day this week and we only have one day left that we are open to the public.  Saturday, June 18 from 10:00am-2:00pm is our last day that we are going to be open to the public for purchasing the historic seats.  Nearly 600 seats have been sold thus far!  Amazing! 

So far we have tracked seats that have been purchased and gone to Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and of course all over the state of Illinois.  Leave a comment here or on the theatre Facebook page and let us know where you have taken these seats too.

Any seats that are remaining after the sale on Saturday will stay in the theatre for awhile longer.  The public can contact the theatre next week (week of June 20) and arrange a time to purchase and pick-up seats.  We will not have regular hours that we are open to the public but seats will still be available for a while longer.  Those interested in seats past Saturday can call the theatre (815-758-1215) and leave a message or send an email to info@egyptiantheatre.org.