July 26, 2011

Progress Catch-up

The amount of work that is getting completed every day is amazing and continues to be difficult to keep up with.  Here are some quick updates from last week.  The decorative painters started finishing detail work around the lobby area.  The first three pictures below are of some of the detailed painting that had to occur on the column capital to match the existing finish.

The middle picture on the second row is of scaffolding being built in the office area above the front doors.  They are repairing some significant plaster damage in that area.  This huge scaffold set-up is so big that we couldn’t even capture it in one picture.

Lastly from last week…the auditorium floor was nearing completion of being patched.  Every bolt hole from the old seats had to be filled.  It took a lot of hours to get all of the holes filled and then begin the process of sanding down the entire floor area in preparation of paint.