Planned Giving

Here are some of the many ways you can support the Egyptian Theatre through your estate plan:

Bequests and Retirement Plans

A will provision allows you to make a substantial contribution to the Egyptian Theatre without diminishing the assets available to you during your life.  Since bequests are deductible from your taxable estate, significant estate tax savings may be possible.  If you name the Egyptian Theatre as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you also avoid income tax when the Egyptian Theatre receives its share of your plan.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You can use an irrevocable trust to provide yourself and/or a loved one with a fixed annual income or an income which varies with the value of the trust.  Part of your gift qualifies for an income tax deduction, as calculated with IRS tables.  At the death of the last income beneficiary, the remainder of the trust is distributed to the Egyptian Theatre.

Real Estate with Retained Life Estate

A residence or other real property may be given to the Egyptian Theatre as an outright gift, or you may prefer to give your residence, farm or vacation home and retain the right to occupy it for life.  You get a charitable deduction in the year you arrange your gift.

Life Insurance

When you give a life insurance policy to the Egyptian Theatre, the cash surrender value of the policy or the cost of a replacement policy is deductible as a charitable contribution.  If you continue to pay premiums after your gift, these premiums are also deductible.

These are a few of the many Planned Giving opportunities.  When considering a planned gift please be sure to consult your financial and legal advisors.


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