Past Board Members


Thank you to all past board members for their contributions of time, talent, and treasure. Without your involvement, the Egyptian Theatre would not be where it is today.

This is the most up to date information we have of past board members. There are a variety of records going back to 1978 when the non-profit was formed. Please contact us if there are any additions or corrections to this list.

Lucille Aikens
Joan Andre
Rosa Balli (2017-2023)
Ellen Barker
Dr. Victor Barresi
Linda Baugher
Vanessa Bell
Ray Binkowski (2010-2013)
Carrie Brantley
Mary Brown (2006-2010)
Bob Cain
Pat Clark Beard (2006-2012)
Gene Damaier
Keith Deal (2007-2010)
Ed Diedrich
Vernese E. Edghill-Walden (2019-2023)
Brian Eide
Paige Everly (2005-2006)
Howard Eychaner
Tammy Fischer (2007-2011)
Barry Fohrman
Frank Freed
Melissa Garman
Debbie Gilmore
Linda Groat (2007-2013)
Otto Hagen
Christine Holloway
Melissa Irick (2008-2011)
Steve Johnson
Barb Josh (1987-2012)
Jean Kartje (2011-2012)
Jeff Keppler (2013-2017)
Mary Keys
Roger Keys
Joel Klaff
Douglas Kraemer
Barb Kummerfeldt
Irv Kummerfeldt
Diane Leifheit
Kathy Love (2011-2017)
Jason Mangum (2015-2016)
Jan Marquardt
Lindsay Massie (2013-2014)
Jennifer Mescher (2008-2014)
Judy McGinnis
Jim Mizgalski (2015-2018)
Gary Mullis
Michael Murphy
Sheree Novotny
Millie Olson
Justyna Palasiewicz (2016-2023)
Nancy Partch
Barb Peterson
Mark Pietrowski (2013-2015)
Norman Potts
Nancy Proesel (2011-2017)
Meg Rasmussen
Tim Rice (2015-2016)
Kay Riley (2012-2018)
Kati Rooney
Sumathi Ross
Brian Scholle (2013-2018)
Travis Shaffer (2010-2014)
Kay Shelton (2008-2014)
Joyce Sigler
John Skinner
Howard Solomon
Mary Van Meer (1986-1991)
Ryan Weckerly (2010-2012)
Denise Weinmann (2015-2023)
Bill Welsh
Mike Welsh
Cindy Wolsfeld

Years of service listed for those that we have record of.