August 23, 2011

New Sound System Install Progressing

The new sound system project is very involved and continues to move forward but not without plenty of little challenges along the way.  Historic buildings and especially this wonderful old theatre tend to offer many challenges with renovation work.  In the pictures below the first one is taken in one of the old organ lofts that had to be partially cleared so that we could attach the hardware for the new main speaker mounts.  Other pictures below include electrical work for the sound system that had to be done in the dressing rooms, work on the amp rack, work on the new under balcony speakers and balcony speakers.

A few of the photos show the new main speakers mounted on either side of the stage.  They are currently black but we have custom color speakers that will be arriving the week of Labor Day and will replace the temporary black ones.  The new speakers are considerably smaller than the old speakers.

The last three photos show some electrical work for the sound system being done in the orchestra pit.  The last two photos are of the plaster repairs being done to the under balcony where the old speakers were taken out.