April 5, 2023

Meet our Part-Time Front of House Manager, Brooklynn Gosnell

What aspect of being House Manager are you most excited about?
BROOKLYNN: The aspect I am most excited for as my role of House Manager is all the different types of events I get to look forward to working and being a part of! My interests tend to be a little all over the place, but thankfully the Egyptian Theatre always has something for everyone. It’s fun knowing that every time I work it’ll be something new and exciting, with a wide variety of new and exciting people to meet each time as well!

How will you apply your DCNP internship experience to this job?
B: My DCNP internship experience at the Egyptian Theatre proves extremely helpful with my new position as I already feel comfortable and have a strong sense of familiarity with the way the Theatre operates, how events are run, and those running them. Having the background knowledge I have makes the transition to this position even easier and makes it feel more like I’m just picking up where I left off.

What drew you back to the Egyptian Theatre?
B: The thing that most drew me back to the Egyptian Theatre was definitely the people! The vibe here, even when I interned, has always been so positive, upbeat, and outgoing. Whether you’re staff, a volunteer, or a patron attending an event, you know you’re welcome in the Theatre as soon you walk through the door and see everyone’s warm, smiling faces! 😀

What talents do you hope to bring to the theatre?
B: My strongest talents I think are my sense of humor and my passion for the environment. So if I’m able to make someone laugh while also perhaps recycling a few aluminum cans or plastic bottles along the way, then I’ll definitely feel as though I’ve played my part!

If you could see any band at the Egyptian Theatre who would it be?
B: My Chemical Romance, imagine all that black eyeliner lit up under the Egyptian night sky lol

And to explain the great impact Brooklynn will have on the Egyptian Theatre, hear from Events Services Director, Brandon Pugh!

How does having a house manager help you in your role?
BRANDON: Easily put, how does it not?! My role as Event Services Director
encompasses a lot, but with time restraints and the realization that I am
only one person…I do a lot with a little. Meaning, my time was spread
across so many different facets of my own role that even I can admit I fell
short in certain areas. Having Brooklynn as our House Manager allows me
to delegate some stuff to her which in turn allows me to focus my time on
things that I may have been overlooking or simply did not have the time to
complete. Having Brooklynn means a better work/life balance; there are
events that Brooklynn can now handle on her own as well as events that
benefit from having both of us.


How does the community benefit from having someone as a house manager?
B: Having Brooklynn join the Egyptian Theatre team means having another
cheerleader in your corner. This role of House Manager spills out well
beyond the four walls of the Egyptian Theatre. The community benefits
from having another person that realizes the benefits of the arts. By
adding this role, we have increased our ability to program, which directly
impacts the community.


Does increasing the number of staff members help the theatre with grant
B: Yes! When I first started in 2015 as an intern, we had two full time and two
part time staff members, which was fine then, but limited the time we had
to put toward grants. In the nearly eight years since starting at the
Egyptian, we have been able to grow our staff immensely! We currently
have five full time and roughly fifteen part time employees! With the
addition of staff, our Executive Director, Alex, has been able to focus his
time on grant writing. There is a substantial amount of time that gets put
into grants and with the extra staff around, Alex has been able to submit
more grants than he would have been able to even five years ago. The
money received through grants far outweighs the cost of having additional
staff, which is truly a win for the organization.