November 16, 2017

The Manhattan Transfer Conducts NIU Masterclass

Written by:  Jesse Moore - Egyptian Theatre Intern

You may know The Manhattan Transfer as a successfully touring band of A Capella, jazz and blues singers. They are true masters of their craft. What you may not know about them: they are also amazing teachers.

Their passion is self-evident.

(Cheryl Bentyne of The Manhattan Transfer engaging with the NIU choir)

Their prowess is undeniable.

(Janis Siegel of The Manhattan Transfer driving a soloist)

Their taste is impeccable.

(Paul Allen of The Manhattan Transfer: This King Can Swing!)

The Manhattan Transfer came to perform at the Egyptian Theatre on the night of October 19th, 2017, as a part of the band’s 45th Anniversary Tour. But for a few Northern Illinois University music students, that afternoon was the unforgettable part of their day.

It was a great honor that The Manhattan Transfer conducted a masterclass for these young intellectuals and performers on Northern Illinois University’s DeKalb Campus. The wisdom the band imparted, the hope they inspired, could be felt throughout the room that day. Students performed, then they listened and they learned from the best in the business. We were even joined by the DeKalb High School choir who got to partake in the event as well.

(DeKalb High School students performing for The Manhattan Transfer during a masterclass at Northern Illinois University)

The Egyptian Theatre is thankful for having been able to partner with Northern Illinois University and DeKalb High School choral students to provide this educational masterclass opportunity with The Manhattan Transfer nearly one-month ago.  This event showcased the unique opportunities we bring as a regional center for culture and the arts.

(The Manhattan Transfer with Eric Johnson, Professor and Coordinator of Choral Activities for Northern Illinois University)

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