February 14, 2018

Love at the Egyptian: Jeff and Mary Lu Strack

“I met the girl of my dreams at a DeKalb County 4H Federation meeting nearly sixty-six years ago.  From that evening forward I held out the hope of having Mary Lu as my life’s companion, but not wanting to seem too eager, I didn’t ask her out until late in May, 1952.  With her affirmative response, we had our first date at the Egyptian Theatre. ”

“I remember that we sat in the balcony, but neither of us can recall what movie was playing.  Mary Lu probably wouldn’t have objected, but we didn’t have our first kiss at the theatre that night.  I was being very careful not to do anything that might jeopardize my long term objective.  Whether because of my caution or in spite of my caution, that first date at the Egyptian was a prelude to a marriage which will mark sixty-four years in September.”

– Jeff & Mary Lu Strack