November 14, 2015

KSO Performs Annual Kids Concert

The Egyptian Theatre hosted the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra on Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 for their children’s concert “Music Through the Ages”.  Throughout any given season, the theatre will host and sponsor a multitude of events that relate closely with its mission, which is to share and protect the historical integrity of the theatre as a regional arts center for entertainment and community involvement.


On November 13, the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Egyptian Theatre welcomed over 900 elementary and middle school students throughout DeKalb County.  For many, this was their first time in a Theatre or first time attending an orchestra concert.  This educational children’s concert was enjoyed by the kids in attendance as well as the teachers and parents.  The Orchestra has been performing this annual school concert for over 20 years.


Egyptian Theatre Executive Director Alex Nerad states that “every time we have a school show it reminds our staff and volunteers why the Theatre is so important to this community.  All we have to do is watch the joy and excitement on these kids’ faces as they enter the Theatre lobby.”

The Egyptian Theatre is proud to play an important role in arts education by providing opportunities like this for students throughout the County. According to Americans for the Arts, arts improve academic performance.  Students with an education rich in the arts have higher GPAs and standardized test scores, and lower drop-out rates. The vision for the theatre is to be recognized as a center for the arts and entertainment in the region, enriching the community culturally and economically.


Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra music director Linc Smelser stated “it’s important for kids to be exposed to this type of music at an early age in order to gain an appreciation for it.”


The Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra received a community grant from the Egyptian Theatre to help with the expenses of this concert.  The Egyptian provides thousands of dollars in grants to non-profits in DeKalb County each year.  In the most recent season the Theatre was host to 22 different non-profit organizations.  The continued support from the community through donations and memberships allows the Theatre to continue hosting events like these.

The arts help us to express our values, build bridges between cultures and bring us together regardless of our background.  Through this, one is witness to just how arts can promote true prosperity within our community.