August 26, 2011

First Time Sitting In The New Seats!

What an exciting day…seat bottoms were installed this morning and we were finally able to sit down in the new seats.  If you think they look comfortable in the pictures just wait until you get to sit in them!

Thursday installation accomplishments:
Main floor seat legs all nearly installed
Center section seat backs and bottoms complete
House Left seat backs complete and seat bottoms nearly done
House Right seat backs complete

Check out one of the last photos in this post for an overview photo of the main floor at the end of the day on Thursday.  It’s amazing that they started installing seats on Tuesday and here at the end of Thursday they have a majority of the main floor already complete.

The last photo in this post is interesting.  We eliminated one seat per row on the side sections on the main floor so that we could accommodate wider seats.  In doing so the spacing of the seatlegs changed and some of the new seat legs landed on top of the return air vent caps that you see in the floor.  So they had to make custom seat legs that cantilevered over the vent cap….pretty amazing!