November 27, 2023

Farewell Spotlight: Conversations with Rosa Balli, exiting Egyptian Theatre Board Member

Marketing Intern, Zander Jones, had the chance to talk with our exiting board member, Rosa Balli, as she says goodbye to her time on our Board of Directors. Join us as we bid adieu and give our thanks to Rosa, a key player on the Preservation of the Egyptian Theatre, Inc. board since 2017.

ZANDER: What inspired you to join the board of the Egyptian Theatre, and how did you first get involved?
ROSA: My family has owned property in the downtown area for 51 years. DeKalb is our home.  The Egyptian has been there since early 1900’s ?  Ten times longer than we have.  It needed to have resources attributed to it.
Z: Can you share a memorable moment or accomplishment during your time as a board member?
R: I would say without a doubt the opening of the substantial improvements and air conditioning.
Z: Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for the theatre and its future board members?
R: Be TRUE to the theatre. It’s not about one person or boards, take care of it and watch the budget.

Z: What will you miss most about being part of our board, and do you have any plans to stay involved in some way?
R: What will I miss?  The board members.  They were very nice to know.  I believe we got along very well considering the amount of dollars being involved.
There was no drama. I would love to still be involved.