Financial Support Provided By:
Updated 02/25/20

$2.5 million
City of DeKalb

Ron & Nancy Proesel

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Office of Tourism
Steve & TJ Irving
Dan & Kathy Schewe

DeKalb County Community Foundation


Michael Larson
Doug and Lynn Roberts

CMSJ Partners

Dawn Harper
Richard and Sharon Jenkins
Yvonne Johnson
Paul Kassel
Norm and Barb Larson
Mary McGinn
Alex Nerad
Bill Nicklas
Steve and Lynn Parker
Brad and Linda Pietens
Mary and Robert Pritchard

Jay Riippi
Robert and Robin Conrad
Walter and Janice Owens
George Suter

Anonymous x5
Michael Angel
Elizabeth Bahan
Jerry and Sue Bemis
Michael & Elaine Bennett
Ron Booker
Vince Boone
James and Karen Buck
Mark Cerny
The Confectionary
Bill and Jennie Cummings
Dan and Mary Curran
Valerie Flynn
Carmeda Gregory
Hannan Family
Alex Hanold
The Hanold Family
Carl and Margie Hargrave
Heck Family
Marianne Holcomb
Wade and Jeanine Holcomb
Barry Hooper
Chris and Kathy Hubbard
Susan Hughes
Yvonne Johnson
Kevin Kissane
Raymond Larson
David and Nancy Leifheit
Thomas Love
Patsy Lundberg
Brenda Metzger and Mark Maliszewski
Roxanne Maliszewski
Natalie Manning
Dick and Ellie McLaughlin
W. William and Carole W. Minor
Gretchen Moore
James and Denise Morgan
Betty Nerad
Kevin and Nan Nerad
Cheryl Nicholson
Tim and Trudy O’Neill
Walter and Janice Owens
Lyle Paul
Toni Petty
James and Lorreta Pugh
Kay and Mark Riley
Daniel and Susan Russo
Alicia Schatteman
Pamela Schupbach
Beth Schewe and Shane Sharp
Wendy Schnorr
Brian Scholle
Dan and Virginia Seymour
Paul Stoddard
Arlyn Van Dyke
Lynne Waldeland
Toney and Donna Xidis

Anonymous x8
Debra Angel
Jeff & Linda Bennett
Judy Bergsmith
Ben and Val Bingle
Shawn Blobaum
Connie Brown
Tonia Cerny
Gloria Dennison
Sue Dirker
Fischer Family
Linda Hanold
Dawn H.
Regina Harris
Mike Holland
Claudia Howard
Rita Hutchins
Eric and Jenny Johnson
Pat Johnson
William C. Johnson
Stephen Karlson
Maureen Kelley
Diana Kraft
Cary Mann
Debra McGinn
Roger and Cary Nelson
Tim and Janet Neubert
Tim and Bev O’Shaughnessy
Brandon Pugh
Jim and Sharon Rhoades
The Schultz Family
Brian Shell
Max and Kelli Sinclair
Carolyn Swafford
Diana Swanson
Terry and Alexa Tuntland
Paula L Von Ende
Sharon and Mike Wadle
Jerry and Linda Wahlstrom
Anita Zurbrugg

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