September 13, 2019

Construction Update: September 13, 2019

Meetings continued this week as we continue to put together the puzzle that is our expansion. On Tuesday morning before our regularly scheduled update meeting, we had our architect, construction manager, electrical engineers and electrical contractors all at one table. As we progress through this project, the more and more helpful it becomes to have all parties involved in a decision in one place at the same time. This is beneficial not only in time saving, but also to help us watch our finances as we can discuss all options that could be looked at with those who know their field.

While meetings continued inside, construction in Palmer Court almost never ceases. This week concrete was poured for the flooring of a portion of the new basement. It took two full trucks to get this area covered. We were amazed at how quickly this process went! Concrete was poured Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon we were walking on it. This portion of the basement will house the new staircase to the basement as well as our new walk-in fridge which will house our beer kegs and soda boxes as we will have our own liquor license when the expansion is complete.


Work on stage continued as well. Crews continued to install large duct work high on stage right and left for our brand new air conditioning. This includes two stacked layers of duct work, one for the air supply and the other for the return. Installing these large ducts has come with its own unique set of challenges as we have many moving parts high in the rafters of the stage that connect to our electric lines which light our shows as well as kicking off our first live events of the season last weekend with a large lift having to remain on our stage. However, the crew has been incredibly helpful in working with our team to have the stage ready for show time!


Decisions on interior design also continued this week. We are continuing to work with our interior designer on the final touches for our new carpet. Other items we discussed this week included lighting in the men’s and women’s restrooms as well as lighting options in the first floor back lobby and the mezzanine. As we continue to make final decisions on these items, we are constantly looking at them through the lens of what would be appropriate for a 1929 art deco theatre while also remaining practical for our 2019 budget and usage needs.



Our back storage room, which prior to construction beginning was one of our only storage rooms as well as our janitor’s closet, is getting closer and closer to completion. Late last week, dry wall installation was completed with painters finishing off the walls this week. This new space will be just for janitorial and laundry and our first floor expansion will have brand new room for concessions storage. Next steps in this room are to complete the lighting fixture, install flooring as well as installing our brand new washer and dryer which arrived this week as well (truly a Christmas day moment for our Event Services Director Brandon Pugh).