September 20, 2019

Construction Update: Sept. 20, 2019

This week has been heavy on the concrete! Early in the week, the remaining portions of the foundation walls were poured. The basement is really starting to take shape and currently seems huge! But we know as the mechanical for AC and heat are installed the spaces will start to seem smaller and smaller.


Once the walls were completed, crews came in to install the gravel base to ready the basement floor for the concrete pour on Friday morning. This area of the basement is two feet lower than the half that is closest to 2nd Street. This is in order to fit the very large air handlers that will cool and heat just the auditorium portion of the theatre.







Meanwhile, the duct work installation has concluded on stage and the large lift that has been moved around while shows and movies take place on our stage was able to be removed. Duct work installation is also completing in the office space that will serve as the feed for the main lobby space.



Flooring and final plumbing connections were installed late this week as well on our back storage room. With shows and movies continuing to occur, cleaning and show prep have been a challenge. With the final touches being made on this room, we will be able to house our front of house and janitorial items which will significantly cut down on the show prep cleaning.