October 11, 2019

Construction Update 10/11

The expansion rose to new heights this week. Early in the week the steel was installed to get ready for the installation of the second floor precast. Check out the drone footage above from this installation.


The week started warm and sunny, so progress moved at a rapid rate. We continue to hope for great weather and this really makes quite a change on how the project progresses.



To install the large panels of pre-cast flooring, the crane had to hoist them high into the air and rotate them over the front facade as well as over the roof the existing lobby space. Again the weather cooperated early on in the day. All of the pre-cast panels were in place by the time it rained later that afternoon.




You can see in this photo that the first floor is now under ‘roof.’ The cement still has to be poured on the 2nd floor pre-cast for it to be totally completed, but all the spaces are starting to come together.



Continuing in the new mechanical basement, the boilers arrived! These a SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the ones removed back in June. These will also be much more efficient in energy conservation and well as a better quality in heating the theatre. These will come online over the next weeks.




Plumbing and duct work continued to be installed in the new mechanical basement as well. While the floors above still very much feel like a ‘raw’ construction site, the basement is beginning to feel more and more finished.