July 26, 2011

Concrete Delivered!

On Monday we had concrete delivered for our new wheelchair seating area.  As part of the seat replacement project we have added additional wheelchair seating positions increasing our old number from 2 spots to at least 8 spots with the potential for more.

A huge thank you to Steve Irving and Irving Construction for helping with this project.  Without their assistance we wouldn’t have the floor ready by the time the new seats arrive for installation in just a few weeks.

Check out the last two photos in this post for some interesting pictures.  The second to last picture is of one of the workers crawling into the air return shaft underneath the center section of seats.  The last photo is of that worker down in the tunnel attaching a backing to the underside of a few of the vent holes that had to be filled with concrete.  Not everyday you see a face looking back up at you through the vent holes in the auditorium floor!