Community Grants

The Egyptian Theatre is excited to announce a brand new community grant program to make the Egyptian Theatre accessible to as many community groups as possible. Community grants are available to assist with the rental cost of the theatre for non-profits located within DeKalb County.

It has always been our goal to make The Egyptian Theatre available to any community group that wants to use the theatre.  On average there are already over 25 different community groups that use the Egyptian each year.  We hope through the introduction of this new program that we can help support even more community groups so that they can also use this jewel of DeKalb.


1) Organizations applying for a grant must be a non-profit organization based in DeKalb County, Illinois.

2) Organizations must provide proof of their non-profit status.

3) Organizations must complete the Egyptian Theatre Community Grant Application.

4) Organizations must submit a grant application prior to a rental contract being issued for the event.

5) Recipients of grants must recognize that they are a “recipient of an Egyptian Theatre Community Grant” in all marketing materials, press releases, and event program.

6) Awarded grants will be given as a credit on the rental invoice for the event awarded a grant. In no instance will a check be written to an organization for the grant amount.

7) Organizations may apply for more than one grant in a year but priority will be given to organizations that have not yet received a grant in that year.

8) Awarded grant amounts will not be for more than 50% of the total rental cost.

9) Deadline for applying for a grant is prior to completing and signing a contract for an event.  Notification on decision will be given no more than 30 days after receiving the grant application.

Community Grant Application

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