August 5, 2020

Board of Directors Spotlight: Justyna Palasiewicz

Justyna Palasiewicz
Assistant State’s Attorney – Ogle County State’s Attorney
Board member since 2016

Why did you decide to join the PET board?

Justyna: I have always been in love with the Egyptian Theatre ever since I moved to DeKalb to attend law school. It is a building with so much historic and cultural significance and when I learned they were looking for an attorney to join their board, I immediately jumped at the chance. It has been one of the best decisions I have made.

What has been your favorite part of serving on the board?

Justyna: My favorite part of being a board member is being a part of the discussions and decisions surrounding the expansion project. It is a truly historic moment for the theatre and to see this beautiful building get an upgrade just makes my heart sing. I also love getting to know the other members of the board and to be part of the larger discussions that go on regarding community impact from various points of view.

What makes the Egyptian Theatre special?

Justyna: It is an old building with a soul. It is truly a rarity in this day and age where digital media and “newness” is king. Just stepping into the theatre you are filled with awe, from the original flooring in the lobby (that comes with its own fun story!) to the art deco touches throughout to the very thought of what has gone on in the theatre over the last 90 years. The theatre is a gem and a community treasure and it thrills me that the citizens of DeKalb County are recognizing this.