July 21, 2020

Board of Directors Spotlight: Amy Doll

Amy Doll
Executive Director – DeKalb Park District
Board member since 2017


Why did you decide to join the PET board?

Amy: When I was invited to consider joining the PET board I was honored to be asked to be a part of the Theatre community.  Before I was a part of the board, I had already been to the Theatre for events and created memories with my kids, and could tell why this place is so special to so many in DeKalb.  I truly value the memories that are created by places, and this theatre is such a place where memories are made.


What has been your favorite part of serving on the board?

Amy: My favorite part of being on the board has definitely been the ground-breaking for the Theatre expansion and all of the improvements.  It was so evident that excitement was in the air that day – among the staff, the board, past board members, and so many community members and honored guests.  But I suspect my favorite part is yet to come – when we get to open the doors again to a packed house that will get to enjoy all of the beautiful improvements made!


What makes the Egyptian Theatre special?

Amy: This theatre is special because of community …. It creates community by bringing people together for events and shows and positive shared experiences; it serves the community by opening the doors to so many community organizations that get to hold their shows and programs at the theatre; it supports the community be driving economic activity in downtown DeKalb, and it builds the community by creating a connection to this place.