July 1, 2019

Basement and Chimney Demoed

The expansion project at the Theatre is moving along as the rain holds off for the time being and is replaced by 90 degree temps!
The subcontractor for ComEd started their work this past week in Palmer Court and hope to finish this coming Monday.  They ran the new pipe for ComEd to pull their wiring through.  We are waiting on ComEd to provide a date when they will place their new transformer, pull the new wiring, and switch over from the existing wiring to the new service.  We continue to ask ComEd when any outages might take place but don’t have any of those details yet.
Because of the work ComEd and their subcontractor are doing in the alley, there is currently no through access for pedestrians past the Hillside.  This will remain until at least ComEd is complete with their work and the storm lines have been relocated.  Residents and businesses that need to access the rear entrances in Palmer Ct will need to enter from 1st Street.

Weaver removing the chimney

Today, Weaver Contractors began removing the chimney on the south side of the Theatre.  This won’t be used with the new mechanical systems and so we are removing it before in becomes inaccessible. Removal will continue tomorrow as they bring the chimney down to the roof line.
Starting at 7 AM, an Irving Construction subcontractor began removal of the existing duct work in our mechanical basement. This duct work is part of the existing boiler system and would not be utilized in the updated HVAC install. Many of these ducts have been in place since 1983 and have become rusted and in need of repair.

Currently, Wagner Excavating is scheduled to start on July 12 relocating the storm water lines in the alley.
Frontier will be relocating their service in the alley in the coming weeks as well, we don’t have any details on when that work will take place.