September 9, 2016

Backstage at the Egyptian: We Welcome NIU Intern Jessica Hicks

The Egyptian Theatre is excited to welcome our marketing intern Jessica Hicks from Northern Illinois University for the fall semester.

My name is Jessica Hicks and I am a junior at Northern Illinois University. I am the marketing intern for the Egyptian Theatre this fall.  I am pursuing a psychology major as well as a double minor in deafness rehabilitation and sociology, in addition to these I am working towards getting my certificate in both criminology and adolescents.

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I plan to use these in my
future to become a juvenile delinquent counselor to help the troubled youth. In my free time I am an active member in two different organizations: Deaf Pride and the Student Psychological Association (SPA).


When I am not busy with these groups I enjoy going to events here on campus, anything from sporting events to craft nights. I love being involved and trying new things.
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I am very excited to start this internship because it will be a new experience for me that I am eager to explore. I look forward to seeing the different aspects behind making an event happen, like the preparation, staging, and everything else that when you come to the show you do not realize.


I am excited to work with the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show to promote upcoming shows, I feel that we can come up with fresh and new ideas on how to effectively promote the shows especially to NIU students. I also look forward to sitting in on board meetings and seeing the other side of how nonprofits work and what it takes to keep one up and running.

I have never worked with a nonprofit before so I am interested in how it is different from other organizations. However, what I am the most excited about for this semester is going to be helping lead the marketing and promotional efforts for the Todd Oliver show in November, I think it will be a great way to really show what I have been learning all semester up until that point and marketing is something I have always wanted to try and this is a great opportunity.