February 21, 2018

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Tyler Samples of The Second City

Interview conducted by: Sydney Johnson – Egyptian Theatre Intern

We are very excited to welcome back The Second City on Saturday, February 24th at 7:30PM for the show, Look Both Ways Before Talking. We had the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Samples, the director of this show. This is a show guaranteed to make you laugh, so don’t miss out!

SYDNEY: This is not the first time The Second City has performed at the Egyptian Theatre, what made you decide to come back?

TYLER: We love forming relationships with our audience. Because we have our basis in improvisation, interacting with the audience and building a shared experience is a huge part of what we do, and the chance to come back with completely new material we haven’t shown you before is very exciting.

SYDNEY: What is your favorite part about performing at historical theatres, such as the Egyptian?

TYLER: The Egyptian is absolutely beautiful and just being on a stage like that is electric. Historical theatres like the Egyptian were the original homes of vaudeville, and in a lot of ways the sketch comedy we perform is a continuation of the vaudeville tradition. So there’s something really magical about bringing what we do back to its roots.

SYDNEY: What is the best part about being in a touring ensemble like this one?

TYLER: Definitely getting to go all over the country. Just this month we’ve traveled all the way to Florida, then over to California, then worked our way back. Seeing all those different sights and connecting with people in so many different places is a real treat.

SYDNEY: What sets “Look Both Ways Before Talking” apart from other shows you have done in the past?

TYLER: Right now is such an interesting time in our country, because (I think) it’s safe to say that everybody everywhere feels a little exhausted by everything that’s going on. News is flying at us constantly, social media fills up with opinions and demands for attention; it can be a lot to handle. It feels like a time where everybody wants a little escape, and we wanted to explore that. The different ways people try to get away from it all… without being able to go anywhere.

SYDNEY: What do you hope the audience gets out of attending this show?

TYLER: Our main hope is that people have a laugh and a good time! But beyond that, it’d be great if the audience walks away feeling like they saw themselves in the characters onstage, and that they have permission to be a little goofy in their own lives.

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