May 10, 2016

Backstage at the Egyptian: An Interview with Tricia Schumacher

T. Schumacher

Interview conducted by: Brandon Pugh- Egyptian Theatre Intern

Tricia Schumacher is Coordinator for Art Education for DeKalb School District. The Egyptian Theatre is hosting the DeKalb All District Art show May 10-12.

Brandon: What is the DeKalb Art Show?

Tricia: The DeKalb All District Art show is an opportunity for us to celebrate our very hard working and talented art students. The exhibit showcases the top work from that year from all grades in the district K to 12.

Brandon: Why host at the Egyptian Theatre?

Tricia: Originally it was because we outgrew the space at the old high school. We previously held the show at the library at the old DHS building. There was a line to get into the show from 5:00 to 8:00 PM! We realized we needed a bigger space. We wanted the space to reflect the prestige of being chosen for this show. We asked ourselves “where is a space that says ‘you have made it’. We all agreed that the Egyptian was this special place. After the opening of the new high school building we decided that the show belonged to the community and that the Egyptian would continue to be our venue.

Brandon: Why is supporting the arts important?

Tricia: I do not believe this show is about just supporting the arts. This show is about supporting and celebrating our students. This show is about sharing and celebrating the hard work of our artistically talented students. The arts are important in so many ways, problem solving, creativity, grit , and open ended questioning. We need to offer our students every opportunity to explore and the arts supplies a unique avenue for student growth.

Brandon: What is your position with DeKalb School District?

Tricia: I am the Coordinator for Art Education for DeKalb School District #428. I am also a Ceramics and Photography teacher at DeKalb High School.

Brandon: How long have you been with the DeKalb School District?

Tricia: I have been with DeKalb schools since 1999. I started at Rosette Middle School and after 9 years moved to the High School.

Brandon: How many years has this event been taking place?

Tricia: The All District Art show was started on a much smaller scale before I started with the district.