May 2, 2017

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Tricia Schumacher

Interview Conducted by: Kevin Ray – Egyptian Theatre Intern

Tricia Schumacher is the Coordinator for Art Education for DeKalb School District. I had a chance to interview her about the upcoming DeKalb Student Art Show held at the Egyptian Theatre May 9th-11th.

Kevin: Tell me a little bit about the DeKalb Student Art Show?

Tricia: The DeKalb District Art Show is a huge art show that celebrates all the hard work and accomplishments of the DeKalb Art students. We feature work from all our schools including grades K-12.

Kevin: How long have you guys been doing the show?

Tricia: We have been doing the District Art show for at least 15 years; we have had the show at the Egyptian since 2007 .

Kevin: Why did you choose to host it at the Egyptian for so many years?

Tricia: We moved the show to the Egyptian because we had outgrown the space we had been using. We had been using the library at the old High School building (now Huntley Middle School). We knew we had to find a new space because we could not accommodate  the crowds that came out to see the artwork. People waited in line for an hour just to get into the room!! We wanted a space that would be large enough to accommodate us but we also wanted a prestigious space, a space that would make the children feel special because their work was hung there. We also wanted a location that was central to all our families. The Egyptian was a perfect choice!

Kevin: What kind of response have they gotten through the years about having the Art show at the Egyptian Theatre?

Tricia: The response has always been overwhelmingly positive. The Egyptian is so well taken care of and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I am proud to be part of a community that supports the arts and has such a historically rich building that is a resource. Even after the new high school building was constructed our families were all grateful that we kept the district show at the Egyptian.

May 9-11, 2017 5 PM – 8 PM
Free & open to the public