October 24, 2016

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Todd Oliver

Todd Oliver is a ventriloquist who will be presenting his show Todd Oliver and Friends at the Egyptian Theatre on November 12th in partnership with Tails Humane Society. The show has been a feature on Late Show With David Letterman, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, The Today Show, a couple episodes of Walker Texas Ranger, and in 2012 they were a semi-finalist on Americas’ Got Talent. A major draw for entertainment venues, Todd is now touring, bringing his brand of family fun to towns across America. We recently sat down with Todd to discuss his upcoming show here at the theatre.


Interview conducted by: Jessica Hicks – Egyptian Theatre Intern

Jessica: Tell me about the “Todd Oliver and Friends” show?

Todd: It’s a family friendly, fun Rockn’ Comedy. As a ventriloquist comedian and musician, I share the spotlight with my dog “Irving”. He’s my personal pet. He has a lot to say, and he’s the funniest character on 4 legs you’ll ever meet! My band The Smiling Eyes supports the show with original music featuring 3 part harmony while giving a musical backdrop to the production. My wooden headed characters will be there too. Add audience participation and you have a fast moving story about a kid growing up with a dream, his dog, and chance to tour the world making people of all ages laugh have a doggone Rockn’ good time!

Jessica: What got you interested in being a comedian and ventriloquist?

Todd: Edgar Bergen and Willie Tyler. They made my whole family laugh. Laughing together as a family is my fondest memory.

Jessica:What makes your shows unique?Image result for todd oliver and friends

Todd: Have you ever met a talking dog? A real talking dog?, now combine this with music and multi media and audience participation, and you’ve never experienced anything like this.

Jessica: What made you decide to use real life dogs in your shows?

Todd: I have always loved dogs. And years back a TV producer at TNN encouraged this idea of mine. Also I discovered with my dog and comedy, I can be effective with getting important messages across about pet responsibility.

Jessica: You were a semi-finalist on Americas Got Talent, how has that impacted your career?

Todd: Publicity!, That show receives huge ratings/numbers. Before AGT I did a couple Tonight Shows and Letterman, but AGT gets more viewers than both those shows combined. Millions of people saw us and now many of them come out to see us when we tour.
Image result for todd oliver and friends america's got talent

Jessica: What was your favorite part of being on Americas Got Talent?

Todd: Probably writing new material for television, and successfully presenting it.

Jessica: Why do you enjoy performing in historic theaters?

Todd: I have always had a love affair with historic theaters! Their beauty, charm, and truly wonderful atmosphere are the best live performance experiences I have ever known. There is “magic” in these legendary theaters!

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