October 31, 2017

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Kyle Stong

Interview conducted by: Jesse Moore - Egyptian Theatre Intern

Featuring nine musicians and vocalists, Think Floyd USA is, “the best Pink Floyd tribute anywhere” according to Full Throttle Magazine. From celebrating the original works of Pink Floyd to unleashing a mesmerizing light show, Think Floyd USA hits the stage with energy and phenomenal passion for delivering an unforgettable show. For over a decade, Think Floyd USA has toured the Midwest. Back by popular demand, Think Floyd USA will be returning to The Egyptian Theatre. We recently interviewed Kyle Stong (keyboards) about the band’s upcoming show.

Jesse: Think Floyd USA is returning to The Egyptian Theatre and DeKalb. What is your favorite part about coming back, and does this have any extra significance to you?

Kyle: Foremost, the Egyptian-style architecture of the theatre is the perfect atmosphere for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. But, we also love how responsive the DeKalb audience is. When we played our first DeKalb venue, 14-years ago, we realized this would be a great town to us.

Jesse: What has been the best part of celebrating Pink Floyd’s 50th Anniversary?

Kyle: We are covering 50-years worth of music in just over 2-hours. I love that we play the more popular songs, but it’s great when we play stuff that people have never heard before.

Jesse: Think Floyd USA tours regionally across the Midwest. Why do you think you’ve had particular success in heartland USA?

Kyle: We stand apart because we don’t just play the music. We also lend great weight to celebrating and perfecting the technical musicianship of Pink Floyd FIRST. Then, our light show is just the “icing on the cake”, supplemental to the nine incredible musicians on stage.

Jesse: What is your favorite album to play in-concert?

Kyle: I think the band’s favorite album to perform is ‘Animals’.

Jesse: Do you have a favorite song to practice in your free-time?

Kyle: Yes, my personal favorite song is Echoes from the ‘Meddle’ album.

Jesse: When you hit the stage, what song gets the crowd the most energized?

Kyle: Last time at The Egyptian Theatre, we played three complete albums. I would say the DeKalb crowd was most excited about ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and the sing-a-long encore of Comfortably Numb.

Jesse: What do you most want the audience to walk away with at the end of the night?

Kyle: Of course we want to leave the audience completely satisfied, both visually and musically. However, we always want the audience demanding more for the next time.

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