October 12, 2016

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Kyle Stong From Think Floyd USA

Kyle Stong is the keyboardist for Think Floyd USA, a tribute band that honors the music of Pink Floyd through the energetic and gifted cast alongside mesmerizing lights and video. We recently sat down with Kyle to discuss the upcoming show scheduled at the Theatre October 21, as well as Think Floyd in general.

Interview conducted by: Jessica Hicks – Egyptian Theatre Intern

Jessica:  Why did you choose music by Pink Floyd?

Kyle: Aside from the fact that we all grew up listening to and loving the music of Pink Floyd, we feel that the music of Floyd is timeless; its music for all ages and backgrounds. Proof of this can be exemplified by the vast age spread we have at any of our shows; grandparents taking their grandkids to see their first concert, or teenagers singing along to every song because their parents played them for so many years while they were growing up.

What makes your show unique compared to other Pink Floyd Tribute Bands?

Kyle: Pink Floyd has always been known for their spectacular light shows and other Floyd tributes follow that genre in that the musicians will play virtually motionless in the shadows and let their light show do “all their talking.” With Think Floyd USA, you get the spectacular lighting, but you also get a show complete with detailed and precise musicianship and stage choreography from nine talented musicians who put their heart and soul into very note.

Jessica: Why is it important to you to have a strong relationship with your fans?

Kyle: It is very important to have a strong relationship with our fans. Let’s face it, no tribute band can do what they do successfully without fan support, which is why we constantly keep in touch with our fan base thru Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and monthly newsletters. In addition, we regularly do post show meet-and-greets so we can talk to our fans, get to know them better and learn more about what they want to hear and see.

Jessica: How do you decide what songs to play at each show?

Kyle: We like to keep things democratic. We all sit down as a band at rehearsal and write all set lists together as a band. We do, however, try to perform at least one album in its entirety at any given show.

Jessica: What is you favorite Pink Floyd song to preform?

Kyle: As a band, we really don’t have a favorite song. We like all of them. We do, however, have “signature” songs (show highlights) throughout any given show, including such songs as Pigs, Echoes, Great Gig in the Sky, or Comfortably Numb. Individuals in the band may have a favorite, which you can check out on our web site’s BIOS page.

Jessica: Why do you enjoy preforming in historic theaters?

Kyle: We love playing in historic theaters because it can add intimacy and atmosphere to a show. Perfect example; can you think of a better place than the Egyptian Theatre to perform Dark Side of the Moon?

For more information on Think Floyd USA go to their website

To buy tickets to their show on Friday, October 21 at 8 PM click here