February 2, 2017

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Kerry Devine

Interview Conducted by: Kevin Ray – Egyptian Theatre Intern

Kerry Devine is the lead singer for LAVA Rock who will be performing their greatest hits show “Legends of Rock” at the Egyptian Theatre on Saturday, February 4th at 7:30 PM. I had the opportunity to interview Kerry this week about his upcoming show.

Kevin: How long have you been performing?

Kerry: I have been a paid performer since 2004 when I was 36 with a small rock band from St. Louis. I am 49 years old now, but still rocking as hard as I did then.

Kevin: When and why did you become an artist?

Kerry: It is one of those things where I didn’t choose, it’s who I am as an individual. The honest truth is I can’t help it. One of my favorite quotes is from David Lee Roth. He said, “I’m not this way because I’m in a band. I’m in a band because I’m this way.”

Kevin: How have the bands whose songs you chose to sing influence you as a performer?

Kerry: This is a tribute show to those bands. I feel it is my duty to emulate them. These bands have helped shaped the performer I am today. I enjoy every single one of them. I consider myself when I’m emulating them, like an actor playing a part. Like Jamie Fox when he played Ray Charles. I grew up on Rock and Roll. It has shaped my attitude. My favorite band would be Van Halen because they are kind of the ones who started it all. “Running with the Devil” will always be one of my all-time Van Halen songs.

Kevin: What are you looking forward to most about performing at the historic Egyptian Theatre?

Kerry: I am looking forward to the fact that this will be my first time performing at the Egyptian Theatre. I’ve known about the theatre for a long time. It will be a good experience performing in front of a newer yet familiar crowd. There is definitely a built in audience, but I hope to reach a newer one with this performance.

Kevin: What other shows have you been a part of?

Kerry: I have performed shows at places like the Dixon Theater, and the Majestic Theater in Kankakee. Also earlier on in my career at festivals and casinos.

Kevin: What do you hope the audience will walk away with after the show?

Kerry: Well first off, for sure smiles on their face. I want them to have a strong experience that they will not forget. Some people come up to me after the shows and tell me very personal, sometimes sad stories, and that my performance helped them forget about it for a little while. That right there is something special.

Tickets are still available. Click the link below to purchase tickets.