October 25, 2017

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Jessica Antonacci

Interview conducted by: Jesse Moore - Egyptian Theatre Intern

Spooktacular is a two-piece event, beginning with trick-or-treating and ending with a free showing of Casper at the Egyptian Theatre. We recently interviewed Jessica Antonacci about this annual community gathering in Downtown DeKalb. Jessica is an employee of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce which is sponsoring this event for the greater DeKalb area and our visitors.

Jesse: How can people who have never been to Downtown DeKalb’s Spooktacular event find out which organizations are participating?

Jessica: Hopeful participants can find out more about this event by clicking here. Each participating organization, over 30 of them, will be handing out candy for our trick-or-treat visitors!

Jesse: Are there designated vehicle parking lots for this event?

Jessica: There is not a designated parking lot; however, there are plenty of spots on public streets and in public city lots.


Jesse: What is the best part of having this community event?

Jessica: I love seeing that we can provide families with a safe trick-or-treat environment.

Jesse: Who gives out the best candy?

Jessica: They all do! Nestle has been a great supporter of ours, and they donated all the candy being given out for the Spooktacular event.

Jesse: Will participating businesses remain open during the Spooktacular trick-or-treat event?

Jessica: Absolutely! Most participating businesses will remain open if participants would like to do some Downtown shopping during the event. And, the Egyptian Theatre will be showing Casper, free and open to the public, after the trick-or-treat event.


Jesse: The Egyptian Theatre is hosting a free showing of Casper after the trick-or-treat event. What made the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce want to sponsor this portion of the event too?

Jessica: The Egyptian Theatre is a great asset to our Downtown community. I think it’s great that we can partner with this organization to offer free admission to a show!

Jesse: What other events are the Egyptian Theatre and the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce partnering on this year?

Jessica: We are very excited to be partnering with the Egyptian Theatre for ‘Santa Comes to Town’, at 8:00PM on November 30th , as well as offering complimentary Carriage Rides through Downtown DeKalb, starting at the Egyptian Theatre at 11:00AM on December 2nd.