March 13, 2017

Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Hannah Whitten

Interview conducted by: Kevin Ray – Egyptian Theatre Intern

Hannah is a dancer for the Beth Fowler Dance Company. She is performing as Princess Aurora in the upcoming show Sleeping Beauty here at the Egyptian Theatre. I had the amazing opportunity to interview here about the upcoming show.

Kevin: Tell me a little bit about your dancing background Hannah?

Hannah: I have been dancing since I was 4 years old, and I started dance at Beth Fowler’s  when I was 6. I do styles like ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and modern. I also used to do tap. Since entering the company I have danced a lot of roles; in Cinderella I was the fall fairy, in the Nutcracker I have been the Angel soloist, Candy Cane Queen, Rose Queen, and this past year I was the Sugarplum Fairy (my dream role since I was little) and finally in our upcoming production Sleepy Beauty I am the lead, Aurora.

Kevin: How long have you been with the Beth Fowler Dance Company and what has been your favorite part of the experience?

Hannah:  I’ve been in the Beth Fowler Dance Company for the last 4 years now. With this being my last year in the company I am very excited to be performing the roles I have been given. My favorite part of the experience has been the people I share it with. Our company feels like one big family, we support each other in everything we do, and I love them all; every student and every teacher.

Kevin: What are you looking forward to most about performing at the Egyptian Theatre?

Hannah: What I am looking forward to most about performing at the Egyptian Theatre is the thrill I get when dancing on it’s stage. The Egyptian stage has been my way to put my passion out to the world since I was 6 and I want to keep sharing that passion on it’s stage for the rest of my life.

Kevin: What do you hope the audience walks away with after the show?

Hannah: After the show I hope the audience will come out feeling like they just witnessed the famous Disney princess, Aurora, truly came to life. That I was able to give them the best performance I could give them.

Tickets still available. Click link below to purchase tickets.