January 21, 2016

Backstage at the Egyptian: We Welcome Brandon back for another semester!

Brandon 1 Another semester at Northern Illinois University has come and gone, but as I transition into my last semester as a Huskie, I cannot help but to be overcome with nostalgia. Looking back on the time I have spent at NIU, and the opportunities I have had, I am so very thankful. One such opportunity that impacted me was the internship I received with the Egyptian Theatre in the fall 2015. I am overjoyed to be able to say that I will continue interning through the spring 2016.

My major is Community Leadership & Civic Engagement (Non-Profit Management) through the department of Nongovernmental Organizational Leadership and Development. I will be graduating in May 2016. I currently have all of my hours met for my major and am working to finish up my communications minor. I am still living in DeKalb, while my parents prepare to move out of and sell what was my childhood home in Oswego, IL. When I graduate in May I wish to find a job in the nonprofit sector.

I do not have campus involvement at this time as I am focusing the time I would normally spend on being involved to my job search. In the past however, I have had involvement with the Residence Hall Association where I sat on the Hall Council Board for two years. I made an attempt at the Forensics Team (Speech & Debate) my freshman year, but work interfered too often. I currently work at the Fossil Factory store.

My past involvement with theatre has included both on and off stage roles. Throughout Junior High and High School, I was involved in choir, musicals, and plays. In High School, I was heavily involved in the House Crew, which assisted people in finding their seats and making sure everything was in order for in theatre, “The show must go on!’

Some exciting things that happened for me last semester! The first exciting thing being that I became an uncle, again, to two very healthy, very handsome twins boys, Nico and Frankie. I have always been a proud uncle and even more so now that I have six nephews, one niece, and one great-nephew; all ranging in age from 24 years to 4 months! The second exciting piece being that I was able to return to the Egyptian Theatre for another semester, but more importantly, more experience.

Brandon 5 (Nico-Left; Frankie-Right)

Last semester taught me a lot about the nonprofit sector and how they operate. It’s always beneficial to see hands-on what it is like as opposed to being told or taught. I was able to develop a stronger understanding of marketing and advertising throughout the semester compared to when I began in the fall. Already this semester, I have been tasked with planning an event that I could not be more excited for! I wish I was able to share more, but make sure to check the Egyptian Theate website to see what fun and exciting things are happening!

In closing, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! May 2016 be the best year yet. As I move forward in this internship and in life, I must always remember that, “[l]ife is trying things to see if they work.”-Ray Bradbury