April 22, 2020

Backstage at the Egyptian: Volunteer Sue Dirker

Interview with one of our volunteers, Sue Dirker. Interview conducted by Gabe Bueno.

GABE: How did you find out about the Egyptian Theatre?

SUE: I’ve always enjoyed attending events at the Egyptian. I even saw the original band Heart perform there in 1976 (my ticket was only $5)! I was so excited to see the band Heart by Heart perform last year. I brought my Heart album cover & two of the founding members signed it for me!

G: Why did you decide to volunteer at the Egyptian Theatre? 

S: I had been thinking about it for a long time, but hesitated because of my shyness. Nora Reeves convinced me to try it & I’m so glad that I did. I LOVE being part of the ‘Egyptian family’ 

G: Did you have any prior theatre experience? Such as performing in plays if so what were those plays?

S: Not any experience, but I have been a season ticket holder at The Stagecoach Theatre & enjoy watching their plays. I saw their production of The Little Mermaid 3 times when it was performed at the Egyptian. 

G: What has been one of your favorite memories volunteering at the Egyptian? 

S: The friendships I’ve formed since I started in January 2019. I enjoy seeing patrons/friends that I haven’t seen in many years (some I’ve known since kindergarten). Another memory I have is, during one ‘cold’ event (before the new heating system was hooked up), I was passing out blankets to patrons who wanted them. The event promoter/agent took a picture of me & said “This is the first venue I’ve ever been to, where they pass out blankets”. 

I almost forgot, I also organized a bowling team sponsored by the theatre…The Egyptian Goddesses!

G: Would you recommend being a volunteer at the Egyptian?

S: Absolutely, Brandon is the best boss, I’ve ever had. He makes it a joy to volunteer & he really appreciates all of us (thanks us after each event). 

G: Do you feel you make a difference in your volunteer work?

S: I hope so, I have a ‘good’ feeling every time I volunteer…giving back to the community.  

G: If you could add your own personal remodel to the theatre what would it be?

S: I can’t think of any remodels they haven’t already done. I also liked the fact that Brandon thought to have each volunteer sign a wall in the area that will be for volunteers to leave their belongings. This way, we will be a ‘part’ of the history.