October 24, 2022

Backstage at the Egyptian: Virginia Filicetti on Spooktacular

Interview with Virginia Filicetti of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce who is hosting Spooktacular this Thursday!

KARYN: What is Spooktacular?
VIRGINIA: Spooktacular is the annual Downtown DeKalb trick-or-treating event where families can stop by businesses and get candy. Not only is it fun, but it’s also a great chance to walk through downtown and see the local business that make Downtown DeKalb unique.

K: Will there be anything special to honor the 25th anniversary of Spooktacular?
V: The Egyptian Theatre is offering a free moving showing of Hocus Pocus. No tickets are required and it’ll be fun to watch an older Halloween favorite on the big screen!

K: Do families need to preregister for the event? Is there any cost for families to participate?
V: There is no preregistration for Spooktacular and is completely free to attend.

K: What kind of treats are available? Is there anything allergy friendly?
V: Businesses will have a mix of candy from chocolate bars to Nerds. We can’t guarantee there will be any allergy friendly options, but some businesses may have an option set aside if a trick-or-treater asks.

K: What is the most creative costume you’ve seen at Spooktacular?
V: The most creative costume I remember from Spooktacular is an entire family dressed as alien robots. You could tell a lot of creative energy (and glitter) was put into the project and the whole family was excited to wear it!

K: Is it exciting to have the Egyptian Theatre host a free movie after Spooktacular?
V: It is always exciting partnering with the Egyptian Theatre! The free showing of Hocus Pocus is a fun addition to Spooktacular and gives families the chance to stay in Downtown DeKalb longer. Whenever we partner with the Egyptian Theatre, multiple guests tell us it’s their first time going and they can’t wait to go back. Any time someone says they want to return to the Egyptian Theatre or another nearby business is a win for the event and the downtown community.