April 6, 2023

Backstage at the Egyptian: Victoria Romano of Kaneland High School’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Kaneland High School’s The Wizard of Oz the Musical is coming to the Egyptian Theatre. Due to KHS having their auditorium under renovation this spring, they were in need of a new venue, and graciously came upon the Egyptian Theatre. We at the Egyptian Theatre are incredibly excited to welcome them, so much so that we sat down and interviewed none other than Dorothy herself, portrayed by Kaneland senior Victoria Romano. Here is what Victoria had to say:

JOSH: What makes the Wizard of Oz such a fun musical to perform?
VICTORIA: It is so fun to tell a classic story that everyone knows and it’s fun that we are telling it in our own way

J: How will performing at the Egyptian Theatre be a new experience for Kaneland students?
V: It will be challenging for those of us that are used to performing at the high school but it will also be a good experience to be able to perform in such a beautiful space.

J: Why is live theatre so important for the youth to partake in and what kinds of skills can it teach them?
V: Theater is a great way to get kids out of their shell and it teaches great communication skills and problem solving.

J: How long have you rehearsed for this musical?
V: We have rehearsed for about four months.

J: What is your role in the musical and what is your favorite part about it?
V: I am Dorothy Gale, and my favorite part about her is that she isn’t the classic princess character that we commonly see. She’s complex and a good role model for young girls.

J: What should audiences expect from this performance?
V: Audiences should expect to see great dance numbers and fun songs that everyone, old and young, can appreciate.