February 8, 2022

Backstage at the Egyptian: Vernon Mira of The Second City

Interview conducted by Egyptian Theatre Marketing Intern, Erin Cronin
ERIN: What drew you to this group?
VERNON: The comedy and certainly the community that it creates with folks here and beyond. I’ve acquired so many great friends because of it. Yes, acquired. Their souls are mine.
E: What is the best part about being able to perform in front of a live audience?
V: That it is always different not only because of the nature of the medium but because the audience changes as well, and with that there’s the comfort that anything can happen. If it’s live, you just gotta dive! Feel free to plaque that up somewhere with my headshot.
E: What is it like performing at a historic theatre?
V: It’s always so impressive and there’s a great sense of pride knowing that you’ve performed on a stage where so many others have as well. I bet there’s ghosts. So many ghosts.
E: How has comedy and improv evolved since the beginning of COVID? What changes, if any, have you needed to make?
V: Much like everyone else, we had to remind ourselves that while there was loss, there was also great opportunity. We were now able to entertain bigger audiences in different parts of the US and even the World. Personally, it was also great to see what an important difference it makes to have an hour or so dedicated to laughter.
E: What gets you excited about performing?
V: The rewarding feeling that as an ensemble, we are providing the best possible comedic versions of ourselves to a greater cause; regardless of the outcome. It’s risky, it’s collaborative, it’s bathroom inducing. Oooh, I’m also excited to see your fancy bathrooms!
E: How do you ensure that every show is different from the last?
V: It’s a combination of a lot of things. Mainly, living in the moment of what’s being offered and forgetting what you might’ve said or who you might’ve been in a previous show. You are still there, but the scenarios, the information changes, and so it changes you. Also, the cast changes and with that so does the comedic energy of the show. Speaking of cast energy, I. bet. you. have. ghosts!
Don’t miss The Second City live at the Egyptian Theatre on Saturday, February 12th at 7:30 PM!