October 12, 2021

Backstage at the Egyptian: New Technical Director Evan Forbes

Meet the newest member of our team, Evan Forbes! His role as Technical Director is our fifth full time position and we are so excited to have him.

KAMAL: What attracted you to this position?

EVAN: An interest in returning to live performance with artists and a production crew that is proud to display the final product.


K: What kind of music do you like?

E: Working as a sound designer has exposed me to all genres and styles of music. So far it’s been more about the story that each song tells and how it resonates with me, rather than the genre of the song itself.


K: What is something you find exciting about working at the Egyptian?

E: It seems like the popcorn machine is always running. So I’ll need to bring in my own bowl and keep it stashed somewhere safe.


K: What do you love most about your field of work?

E: The multitude of personalities, technology, and techniques that require a flexibility of the mind in a way that keeps me emotionally and mentally healthy.


K: What motivates you to work; What gets you excited about the technical side of theater?

E: Seeing the show finally come together after the collaborative efforts of such a large and diverse group of people.


K: What is your favorite movie/play?

E: My father and I enjoy watching Hot Fuzz time and time again. It feels like you spot a new detail or reference with each new viewing.

K: How did you get started in this field?

E: I started acting on the stage when I was fourteen, in a fun little play You Can’t Take It With You as Mr. Sycamore. I’d actually only auditioned because an injury prevented me from running with my cross-country team. The mixture of unique students and warm environment was similar in many ways to my team, but starkly different in focus and collaborative effort. The final product was what I fell in love with, and I continued to act, sing, and dance until I graduated and starting working in the technical fields at my community college.

K: What three items would take to a deserted island?

E: My dog Pandora, a lifetime supply of dog food, and a lifetime supply of water. I’ll be glad to know she’s taken care of.