September 22, 2023

Backstage at the Egyptian: Meet The Foolers

The Egyptian Theatre is excited to welcome Penn & Teller present The Foolers to our stage on Friday, September 22nd at 7:30 PM! Our Marketing Intern, Zander Jones, got a chance to chat with each Fooler before their performance!


ZANDER: How did the Foolers crew get together?
ALEX: We knew each other as we were all colleagues in the industry. However, Penn & Teller specifically hand-picked the four of us to be a part of this production. It was a great choice and we are happy this came to fruition.

Z: Scheduling must be a challenge with a star-studded cast; how did this impact the tour, if at all?
A: All of us “Foolers” have busy schedules and the only way to make this tour happen was for all of us to commit to a show worth being a part of. If “The Foolers” Live wasn’t and incredible show we wouldn’t be here on tour. This is a very unique and special show we know everyone, not just us, will love!

Z: The Egyptian is a historic theatre. Have you performed at landmark venues in the past? If so, what is exciting about performing at venues like the Egyptian?
A: Historic theatres are always a special treat. When you walk into a theatre like the Egyptian the magic has already begun before the show starts! And we know the audience feels the same way. There is an energy and excitement that comes with a beautiful theatre.

Z: How does it feel having your own show, “Alex Ramon “Magic”” at Lake Tahoe?
A: I love Lake Tahoe and I perform there 9 months of the year. It is my home and the most beautiful place on earth. I get to meet and perform for thousands of people from all over the world because Lake Tahoe draws everyone in. If you have not been… you need to change that! Come see Lake Tahoe Magic, it is Awe and then Some!

Z: Will MJ be making an appearance at the Egyptian?
A: MJ will be making an appearance at the Egyptian. He becomes the star of every show he is in and “The Foolers” is no different. His favorite treats are chicken tendons so you can throw those on stage instead of flowers.

Z: How has your experience with the circuses influenced your act?
A: Great question and absolutely! The saying goes… Once you get sawdust in your veins it never goes away. I loved every second of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. However traveling with MJ is much easier than traveling with the circus.

Z: Is there anything else you would like to state for our readers?
A: This is the first national tour of “The Foolers” and we are all thrilled to perform and entertain at these historic venues. We have surprises for you and a few secrets we know you will love. We look forward to “Fooling” you!


ZANDER: What or who inspired the name the “Mind Noodler”?
MATT: Noodling a rugged, outdoors, gross and mostly illegal form of fishing. So I found it funny combining it with the clean and ethereal tones of mind reading. It’s like jumbo shrimp to me.

Z: You are a pro at comedy magic; in what ways do you think comedy enhances magic?
M: Comedy is super helpful to magic. Our show, we’re not asking people to think we are actually magic people. We are just creating impossible events. So I think making people to laugh also allows all of us to take each other in at the top of our intelligence. We all get what happening even if they can’t explain how.

Z: Having experience with two big podcasts now, do you have a favorite podcast story/moment?
M: I told the story of proposing to my wife on Ice Cream Social and it was so long and so boring that my cohosts and listeners made fun of me so made fun of me and we now sell a wall tapestry with the story printed on it verbatim and it’s the best selling item in our online store.



ZANDER: How does it feel having your own show, “Totally Mental,” in Las Vegas?
VINNY: It’s every magician’s dream to have their own show. The only thing better is getting to do some of Penn & Teller’s most famous routines sharing the stage with 3 friends.

Z: So far, you are the only comedy magician who fooled Pen and Teller twice; any plans for round three?
V: I didn’t think I could fool them once, let alone twice! I say I got lucky. Maybe a third time might prove the saying third time’s a charm for Penn & Teller figuring out my routine.

Z: As somebody with a mechanical engineering degree, how important is it for magicians to have technical knowledge to support their acts?
V: For me it has be incredibly helpful. My creative style lends itself to tinkering with design. I have also found that mechanical engineering is a good background for general problem solving. I often apply those skills to the creative processes.


ZANDER: With over 10,000 shows, do you have a tip you are willing to share for upcoming performers braving the stage?
JESSICA: Two of my top pieces of advice are: Do as many performances as you can & learn other art forms to help your magic. But, my top tip given to me by my circus side show boss Ward Hall is: “Talk to people and not at them.” It helps you connect with the audience in a way that is purely magic.

Z: As a Cruise Ship Headliner, what is the most incredible location you performed at/saw? J: I just finished a few months in Norway and that was incredible! I think my favorite place I’ve performed while on the ships though wasn’t even onboard! Funny enough, it was in a primary school in Corb Ireland. I made friends with the Irish head of immigration, and we decided to visit a local school his daughter went to. My partner Charlie and I surprised the kids with an impromptu Magic and Music show and it was the best energy I’ve ever felt in a room! I’ll never forget it.