September 13, 2023

Backstage at the Egyptian: Meet our new Marketing Intern, Zander Jones

Hello! My name is Zander Jones. I will be the marketing intern for this year’s Fall 2023 semester. This will be my third year at NIU, although I am on track to graduate this Spring. I am an anthropology major with a minor in NNGO studies. I have always been involved with non-profits throughout my life, and I am excited to continue growing my knowledge about the field through practical experience. No matter which direction my career takes me, I look forward to continuing to volunteer and work at non-profits.

While I’ve never had the talent to take to the stage myself, the arts have always been an important part of my life and my household. Whether it be from music to drawing and even visual effects, there was always something new and exciting to be involved in. Personally, I got involved with my high school media department, where we would make anything from short films to stop motions. My time with this media department gave me a first look into the behind-the-scenes of our school’s most significant events and inspired me to learn more about what it takes to pull off a proper show. I am excited to intern at the Egyptian Theatre  I’m looking forward to helping out with all of the fun and exciting events happening this Fall!