March 22, 2023

Backstage at the Egyptian: Marty Scott of the Liverpool Legends

The Liverpool Legends are coming to the Egyptian Theatre on March 25th! Each member was handpicked by the sister of the late Beatle legend, George Harrison, led by his on stage double Marty Scott. I was lucky enough to interview Marty this week to gain more insight into the show. Here’s what he had to say.

JOSH: What inspired you to start The Beatles tribute band?
MARTY: I’ve always been a huge Beatles fan. I met George Harrison’s sister at a Beatle convention and we became very close friends. It was right after George had passed away. She wanted to help me put something special together to honor her brother’s memory.

J: Why is it important for you to continue to play the music of The Beatles?
Their music is timeless and I believe it’s the great music of all time. It’s amazing that 60 years later it’s still as relevant as anything else you hear these days.

J: What is your favorite song to play and why?
M: I love the later period of The Beatles when George Harrison was really coming into his own as a songwriter. Songs like Here Comes the Sun, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Since I play “George” that’s my favorite time in our show to shine.

J: How do you choose which songs to include in your set list?
M: We always change up the songs to keep it fresh. Luckily The Beatles have more hit songs than any other artist to choose from.

J: What is different about your Beatles tribute band compared to others?
M: Our show is a complete history of The Beatles narrated by Louise Harrison, George’s sister. It’s a very personal touch on The Beatles and there’s really nothing like it out there.

J: Do you try to put your own spin on any songs or is it more important to replicate the source material?
M: We try to play more for more exactly what’s in the records. Even the mistakes!

J: What’s your favorite part of performing live?
M: I love the connection with the audience that our show has. There’s something special that happens. It’s kind of the magic of The Beatles. We are just lucky enough that we are able to sing and look like them but there’s really a unique magic that The Beatles are still able to be popular with every generation to this day.