February 13, 2024

Backstage at the Egyptian: Marty Scott of Liverpool Legends

Our Marketing Intern, Pamela, recently had a chance to talk with Marty Scott who plays George Harrison in Liverpool Legends! Don’t miss them live on our stage Friday, February 16th at 8 PM!


PAMELA: What has been your most memorable performance?
MARTY: Probably Carnegie Hall. That was the show that made my grandfather the most
proud anyway hahaha. He said I finally made it! 🙂

P: What keeps you coming back to perform at the historic Egyptian Theatre?
M: The Egyptian has become a home away from home for us. I grew up in Chicago
area and we rarely ever play close to home. DeKalb is the closest we are all this
year it looks like! This will be our fourth time there and we plan on always
making it a yearly action.

P: What is your favorite part about touring?
M: I love traveling and seeing the world.  Making friends all over the world
It’s so great. I’ve been to so many places I never would have gone to.  We’ve been
on every continent at this point I think?!

P: Where is one place you would love to perform at that you have not yet?
M: The Grand Ole Opry is the top of my list at the moment. 

P: When did your love for The Beatles start?
M: I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. My sister had the blue album which is a greatest
hits pretty much. I stole it from her and still have it to this day ha.

P: What is one thing you hope your audience takes away from your show?
M: I hope the get an experience of what it might have been like to see the Beatles
since you can’t really see them these days. You can see Paul or Ringo but it’s not
really the same thing. We want to make everyone to leave the theatre with a giant
smile on their faces.