April 3, 2019

Backstage at the Egyptian: Kerry Devine of Rockstar Roadshow

Interview with Kerry Devine from Rockstar Roadshow

Conducted by Michaela Alcantar

Michaela: What got you on the path of music as a career?

Kerry: I’ve sang in bands as a fun thing to do since I was 16 and I just kept getting more involved as the years went by. I guess the simple answer to how I got started is my discovery of my older brother’s record collection when I was eight years old.

Michaela: What was the progress to get Rockstar Roadshow to where it is today?

Kerry: It became apparent that I was mimicking the singers of these cover songs I was singing. Then I was asked to sing for Kashmir the Led Zeppelin tribute band which required me to wear the Robert Plant costume. I just expanded the idea from there to include other legends of rock that I was already mimicking.

Michaela: What is it like bringing multiple Rock stars into one show?

Kerry: I enjoy the variety it offers me, performing several different personalities in one show. It feels a little dangerous to be making quick costume changes, hoping I get my costume changed in time for the next performance. To me that’s a lot of fun.

Michaela: What is your favorite part of performing in front of an audience?

Kerry: Much of what we do in Rockstar Roadshow performance-wise is organic, the movements of the players on stage. I love it when the rest of the band is into the performance as much as I am, I really feed off that energy and it’s great.

Michaela: Is there anything else you would like to say to those that will be attending the show and to those that haven’t decided yet?

Kerry: Many people think that these personas are being portrayed by multiple people, but really it’s me portraying all the singers and Lenny portraying all the guitar players. And sure, we wear the costumes and we play the songs as best as possible, but what we are really after with Rockstar Roadshow is making the audience feel like they’re at a live show back in the day. It’s that feeling that’s most important. We are playing the songs and recreating the imagery to the degree that we can take you back to a time in your life when this music became a part of your life, for one great night out with your friends!