April 21, 2023

Backstage at the Egyptian: Jessica Nall of Prom Rewind

The Egyptian Theatre is excited to play host to the first Prom Rewind, a fundraiser for Barb City Food Mart organized by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce’s current Leadership Academy.
JOSH: Why did you choose the Egyptian to host Prom Rewind?
JESSICA: We wanted the event to feel special – like a big deal – to people who attended. There is no venue in our community more historic and impressive than our Egyptian Theatre. I am not sure we fully appreciate how lucky we are to have it in downtown DeKalb. Having visited two of the other Egyptian-style theaters still in operation in the US, I can say first-hand that ours is the best-preserved and most exceptional around, especially post-renovation. 
JO: What should the public know about Prom Rewind?
JE: Prom Rewind is a unique opportunity for folks to recapture a small part of their youth! For many of us, prom remains a cultural touchstone, a rite of passage, despite the fact that it might not actually be that much fun when we’re teenagers. Life does not give us many opportunities for do-overs, but this is one. Prom Rewind is prom night the way you wish you had done it in high school; wear something you feel great in, have a drink or two without fear of chaperones, and attend with someone whose company you really enjoy! And since it is a fundraiser for Barb Food Mart, you can attend knowing you’re supporting a great cause that serves our community, too.
JO: What can people who attend this event expect to get out of it?
JE: Ticket holders for this event will leave with sore feet and full hearts. Prepare for your cheeks to hurt from smiling and your voice to be a tiny bit hoarse from singing along. If you don’t like to have fun, this may not be the event for you.
JO: Why is it important to have events like this that engage the community?
JE: This is an opportunity to have a great night out with your friends and significant other, but it will have a positive impact in so many ways. See your neighbors all dolled up and in a new light. Have dinner at one of our wonderful downtown restaurants. Get your flowers from Willrett. Rent a tux or buy a dress from Ducky’s. And do all of that knowing that a portion of what you are spending in those locally-owned businesses will go back to Barb Food Mart, too, and will help fight food insecurity for our community’s children. What could be better?
JO: What makes this event so special to you specifically?
JE: I work in our school district and serve on the board of Barb Food Mart. I know how many families in our district need help to keep fresh, healthy food on their tables and I know how hard working and resourceful our Barb Food Mart staff is. The organization was founded by teachers and is supported in large part by donations that come directly from teacher paychecks. We need to expand the pool of people who are supporting Barb Food Mart financially, as teachers are already working very hard to provide for students in so many ways. If increasing the community’s knowledge about Barb Food Mart can take place during a really great night out, all the better. Besides, I love an excuse to see my husband in a tuxedo.